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3PLs exist to speed things up for other businesses. That’s why effective supply chain management companies can’t and don’t allow for down time.

When decisions get made about fulfilment centre upgrades, or new warehouse racking fitouts – we’re ready to jump. In fact, we’ve been known to line up our racking install teams before our client’s new lease is fully negotiated!


About our Warehousing Client

This month’s feature article tells about a dynamic fulfilment, distribution and 3PL company rooted in Baie D’Urfé, Quebec. We’ve known them for several years and had partnered with them before. They’re geared to serve the rapidly expanding distribution market.

Fast-growing? Yes! A total of five state-of-the-art facilities supply Montreal.

On top of that, a network of hubs extends through Mississauga, Champlain NY, Boston, and Vancouver. And there is more growth in the works.


The Challenge

Due to the huge increase in demand for effective 3PL companies, our customer needed to secure new warehouse space in a hurry. With the West Island of Montreal experiencing industrial vacancy rates as low as 1%, the negotiation process is usually quick.

Our client approached us because they knew that once the property was secured, they’d need improvements FAST!  The new space would need a new setup right away.

The improvements included installing selective racking for almost a thousand pallet positions  – each one capable of supporting 2,200 pounds.

AND… they didn’t actually say that they wanted it yesterday, but we got the message.


The Solution

It’s so important to be able to execute a project quickly once decisions are made.

We sprang into action before the property transaction was even completed!
When the go-ahead was given, we were ready!

We shared accurate plans of the distribution centre with our client who approved them quickly.

Our team was onsite within two days of receiving the green light.
Another Meriton
project on the rails.



  • A fantastic new warehouse.

  • Orderly rows of brand new selective pallet racking – fully conforming to all CNESST requirements.

  • 995 pallet positions, each capable of storing 2,200 pounds.

And, very importantly, exactly what the client had in mind.

Three. Days. Total.

Another state-of the-art warehouse. Ready to go. All set to safely deliver the Return On Investment an up-to-date 3PL would expect.


Back to the Client

They always have the final word. Why? Because feedback boosts our performance.

So how did they rate us? A perfect score of 10 out of 10!


We wish our client the best, and look forward to executing their future projects with the speed and quality they’ve come to expect.

So if you’re ever needing help in a hurry,

Give Meriton a call!