Meriton Engineering and Design Services for all your storage and material handling needs

Complete warehouse planning done, optimized for safety and efficiency...

Accurate plans to scale in AutoCad showing your building and all key elements necessary for execution

Accurate plans of your warehouse or distribution centre in AutoCad allow you to plan changes, convey information, designate product locations and empower your shop workers and subcontractors.

Meriton can draw your current configuration and plan upgrades according to your objectives and current government regulations.

Our engineering services


Meriton can help you move your project forward fast

Our highly qualified design engineers will undertake the complete planning of your new building's storage and material handling systems. With many years of experience planning large warehouses and distribution centers, we are well places to provide skilled input with stamped engineering drawings and detailed installation guides. Our expertise will ensure that your space is optimized, that worker safety is considered first and foremost, and that the most stringent industry and government standards are met.

Need us to write a spec? You can rely on our vast knowledge of the industry to complete a detailed spec document from start to finish.

Need the services of a consultant for any aspect of your move or upgrade? Our first visit is free of charge, and we'll discuss your needs and what we can bring to the table in the way of expertise.