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Industrial storage solutions for the LARGE and AWKWARD

Industrial storage solutions for the LARGE and AWKWARD

Pallet racking is generally designed around a standard pallet which is 40” wide by 48” deep.

But what about storage systems for the big and the awkward?

Oversized items that don’t fit onto standard pallets can take up
large amounts of valuable floor space.

You know the stuff we’re talking about.
Add your own giants to this list:

  • Industrial machinery. Generators, compressors, blowers.
  • Sports equipment – golf-carts, snowmobiles, canoes, and other personal watercraft. You name it.
  • Industrial equipment: fiberglass and stainless-steel tanks, oversized containers, pumps, furnaces.
  • Large appliances and furniture
  • Large parts for the aerospace industry
  • Food processing equipment
  • Swimming pool liners
  • Out of season items, that need to be stored away.
  • Construction equipment
  • Basically, anything up to 8000 lbs.


What if there was an elevated storage system specifically designed for oversized items?

Oversized, odd-shaped, bulky. Whatever you call them, you don’t need those big space-taking footprints on your warehouse floor.  Especially if…

  • Your cost of warehouse space is rapidly rising
  • You’re struggling to handle increased volumes
  • You’re carrying extra stock to alleviate supply chain issues


Get them off the floor and onto the Meriton Oversize Storage System. Because saving floorspace = saving $$$$$.

Watch Meriton Oversize Storage System being used to store aircraft seating.

When one size fits most – but not all

You’ve browsed our pallet racking solutions, but you’re just not so sure.
Single Deep Selective racks, Double Deep racking, or how about Pushback Racking? Interesting, but will they serve your special needs?

And finally, that light-bulb momen... A storage system for bulky products!

Unique Warehousing Solutions for bulky items

How about a 5’ X 10’ pallet? Or bigger than that, perhaps 6’ X 11’?

Still not big enough? Well, throw us a challenge – our team will get onto it.

We have pre-engineered solutions for loads up to 8,000 pounds.

How high can these items be stowed?

The limiting factor is the how high your forklift can reach.

One of our consultants will be glad to discuss your options with you.

You can tell us your needs on our Contact Page,
or simply call us at 1800 465 3695.

Meriton Oversize Storage System shown installed inside a freezer, in a 2-deep push-back configuration, for storage of aircraft pallets.


A word about forklifts

Most standard forklifts can operate the Oversize Storage System, including:

  • Counter-balance forklifts
  • Reach trucks
  • Combilifts
  • Swing-mast forklifts

For pallets deeper than 48” extended forks will be necessary.

Our team will review your needs and make recommendations for forklift equipment.