Picking / Order Fulfillment

Meriton leads the way to optimize your order picking operation with the Navpick system

   Brings your picking down to ground level and greatly increases your pick rate!


Save on personnel and equipment costs by picking at ground level

Personnel picking at ground level are easier to find than qualified order picker operators, and cost considerably less.

Ground level picking is 25–50% faster than using man-up order pickers. With the extra high density of our system, you’ll be putting far more sku’s on the floor. There is little or no wasted space due to the way our pick module is configured with so many easy to use slide in spaces.

Save with a more efficient, optimized layout

The densification that our system provides means far less steps are required. These means more line items per hour, less fatigue on the part of your pickers, and your space is utilized more effectively.

Eliminate the use of Man-up Order Picking Lifts

Elevated platform pickers not only represent a hazard for personnel who may use them without harnesses or climb into the racks, but they are also very inefficient. Typical picking rates in man-aboard operations range between 40 and 100 lines per person-hour. Man-aboard systems are typically appropriate for slow-moving items and low volumes of orders to fulfill per day.


Conventional shelving is usually one bin deep and often large amounts of valuable space are wasted. Once installed it is not easily reconfigurable to accommodate a change in your needs due to it’s fixed nature.

In addition, there is no way to load the shelves with mechanized equipment.

Everything is done by hand.

Utilize the full depth of your racks

Now you can utilize the full depth of your pallet racking for storage and picking. The design of our NavModule optimizes the depth by allowing for double bin storage.

You can either pick from both sides in the case of single deep racks, or use a kanban system where the second bin is pulled forward when the first bin is empty in the case of back to back rows.

Download a copy of the full Navpick brochure below.

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Navpick Systems - Save on personnel and equipment costs by picking at ground level