Security Enclosures

Product Description

At Meriton Industries, we offer security enclosures that will allow you to protect your personnel, segregate high value or hazardous materials and store your tools merchandise safely. Construction is available in a wide variety of sizes so we can construct these enclosures to your specific needs. All components are coated in baked powder coating, resistant to wear and scratching. The wire mesh panels are constructed of 10 gauge wire in a 2” x 2” pattern welded at all joints to a steel 1.25” x 1.25” frame with corners that are notched and welded. The panels have a ½” round reinforcing bar that divides the panel into three equal sections for stability. The vertical support posts are generally made from 2” x 2” 16 gauge square tubing welded to a 6” x 6” steel base for perfect support and rigidity. When a higher than usual enclosure is required (16’ and over) we use a oversize post of 2” x 4” that is welded to a heavy-duty 6” x 8” x ½” base.

These security enclosures are available up to 30’ high and may be specified with or without a wire mesh roof. Suitable for protecting your employees when they are using heavy machinery or are working in close proximity to moving production equipment. Creates a protective perimeter pour high-value stocks, tools and equipment of value and is ideal for limiting access to areas where drugs or dangerous materials are stored. These wire mesh enclosures are convenient for protecting conveyors, robots, packaging machines and automated equipment. Entirely modular, they are ideal for creating a protective zone quickly and efficiently. Easy to take down or reconfigure as needed.


We offer a choice of materials to suit the application. Wire mesh panels are ideal for most applications, but when you wish to provide noise reduction or control the atmosphere we recommend using either our sheet metal panels or Lexan panels or a combination of both (download our brochure below for more info). Sheet metal panels are constructed of panels that are ribbed for rigidity and powder coated for long lasting protection. The Lexan panels are made from transparent polycarbonate that is highly resistant and offers a clear field of vision.


These safety partition enclosures are available in standard gray or blue for personnel or stock applications. When used for safety guarding and machine protection you may specify yellow panels with black posts, if desired, for greater visibility.


We have a wide range of stock sizes of wire mesh panels available for fast shipping, along with the necessary posts and accessory parts necessary for building your enclosure. Custom enclosures must be engineered with approval drawings and generally require 3 – 4 weeks for production once the drawings are approved.


Please refer to our downloadable brochure for additional information and pictures for this type of product. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about this product and with your specific sizes in order to serve you more efficiently